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    Official ENDEVR™ Elite Series Ion Bracelets feature Ion Technology. They the more fashionable cousin to our Pure Series bracelets.   They are also made from a comfortable, surgical grade silicone that has been infused with seven natural minerals that work together to produce an ion charge. Go ahead, dare to feel good and look great doing it.

    Get To Know IonTech™

    So what’s an anion?

    An anion (-) (pronounced 'æn.a?.?n an-eye-?n), from the Greek word ??? (áno), meaning "up", is an ion with more electrons than protons, giving it a net negative charge (since electrons are negatively charged and protons are positively charged).


    Many ENDEVR™ products feature IonTech™. They are infused with naturally Ion-generating minerals.


    How IonTech™ Products Are Made

    Minerals and Gemstones

    Exhaustive research resulted in the discovery that a handful of minerals and gemstones naturally produce IonTech. We crush these minerals into a fine powder in the perfect ratio to produce optimal levels of IonTech™ for our products.

    Far Infrared Particle Charge

    The minerals are then charged through Far-Infrared waves similar to natural sunlight. Most of the minerals are Silicate minerals which are able to absorb Far Infrared. When the Far Infrared is absorbed by the minerals they become charged and then stimulate the air to create Ions.

    Mineral Injection

    This charged mineral powder is then infused throughout our products during the manufacturing process.

    Why ENDEVR™ is in business

    We believe every human being has an inner life strength capable of fueling incredible accomplishment. Our goal is to help people overcome odds and inspire them to face their fears, doubts, and critics to do great things. We work to innovate great products that support us in our quests and promote the unconquerable spirit within us all. Including IonTech™ is one of the ways we do that.

    ENDEVR™’s IonTech™ utilizes natural minerals and gemstones including Germanium and Tourmaline. These minerals are unique in their ability to generate healthy levels of Ions.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Of course you can. IonTech™ works in water and the products can be hand washed and air dried. It’s a really bad idea to put it in a washing machine or drier.
    Nope. Once it’s on you can never take it off…..of course we’re kidding. Every person is different. Some people prefer to wear their wristbands 24 hours a day while others wear it only while participating in daily activities.
    You bet. Many of our bracelets can be worn either way. The IonTech™ is generated from the minerals embedded throughout the silicone.
    It helps a lot of people feel better overall. With the demands of our modern, fast-paced life, you need every edge you can get to perform at your highest level. ENDEVR™ products work to give you IonTech™ which help many people feel better overall, wakeup feeling more refreshed, or have more energy.
    Call us at 888-500-9720 from 9am - 5:30pm Mountain Time

    Overall Customer Rating of 4 Reviews:

    outstanding energy producer

    <p>Wow! By the 2d day it was working really well. Both my wife and I purchased one each. We wore them to bed and in the middle of the night they must have kicked in because both of us woke up with energy and could not go back to sleep. My wife had extensive back surgery about 3 months ago and has been struggling with low energy. This has helped dramatically.</p>

    always tired


    Works great can tell when I take if off for a couple of days!! Im more awake and alert. Feel like I can do anything.

    Its okay


    I've had my bracelet for about two weeks. Today I took it off, and was looking at it. The chrome on either side of the logo on the inside is starting to corrode or rust it seems. Not sure what to think. Bad quality is what I'm thinking. It's disappointing really.

    ENDEVR's comments: Jeremy, thank you for your review.  We're sorry you got a bad bracelet.  We're happy to replace it for you for free under our Lifetime Warranty.  See the link here for the warranty form.

    It is ok.


    I find that the metal clip piece (the big white thing at the back) hurts the wrist and I find that I constantly get bugged by it. I end up turning the bracelet around (on top of the wrist or down) so it doesn't hurt. The product hasn't started to work to its full potential but I hope it starts working soon. It seems to work for most of my family members. So we will see.

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