Dr. Oz: Kim Lyons’ 10-Day Weight Loss Diet

Step 1: Flush Fat

To cleanse your system, Kim Lyons’ special 5-ingredient Fat Flush Water is simple to make and tastes great. Besides its main ingredient of water, the Fat Flush contains grapefruit that’s loaded with vitamin C to help your body turn fat into fuel. The tangerine increases your sensitivity to insulin, stabilizes blood sugar, and stimulates genes to burn fat. Cucumber helps you feel full and acts as a natural diuretic, which means less bloating and water retention. And lastly, it has peppermint, which is not only refreshing but also promotes better digestion and stomach calm. Make a big pitcher of Fat Flush Water every morning. The longer it sits, the better it will taste. Drink at least one 8 ounce glass three times a day before each meal for 10 days straight to maximize weight loss.

Fat Flush Water

Ingredients, per 8-ounce serving

  • Water
  • 1 slice grapefruit
  • 1 tangerine
  • ½ cucumber, sliced
  • 2 peppermint leaves
  • Ice


  • Combine ingredients in a large pitcher.

Step 2: Choose Green Carbs Over Brown

It’s healthy to eat whole grain “brown” carbs, but to lose fat fast, get your carbs from green vegetables for 10 days. Verdant veggies such as spinach, broccoli, green beans, lettuce and zucchini are loaded with fiber, minerals and vitamins. Plus, they are very low on the glycemic index to help prevent mid-afternoon energy crashes. The options listed below mimic the grain dishes you crave most, such as rice, pasta and bread, so you stay full and satisfied longer.

Zucchini pasta: Using a vegetable peeler, cut the zucchini into lengthwise ribbons. Heat 1 tbsp of olive oil in pan, add zucchini ribbons and stir for 3 minutes until the zucchini turns translucent. Top with a healthy tomato sauce and enjoy.

Lettuce wraps: Swap your sandwich bread for lettuce leaves. Wrap around turkey slices, colorful cut-up veggies, etc.

Freekeh: This roasted green grain made from immature durum wheat is packed with protein, vitamins and minerals. Not only does freekeh contain 6 grams of fiber per serving, but it’s also low in carbs, high in fiber, has a low glycemic index and is rich in probiotic properties. Enjoy as a side dish instead of rice. Available at health food stores. 

Step 3: Super Spice Your Protein

Mix up a delicious fat-burning rub containing three super spices that also add great flavor to your favorite protein dishes. This tasty mixture combines chili powder which fights fat with capsaicin, the substance that gives chili peppers their spicy kick. The turmeric contains curcumin to suppress the growth of fat tissue, and mustard seed is shown to speed up metabolism.

Spice Rub


  • Chili powder
  • Turmeric
  • Mustard Seeds


  • Mix up 2 tablespoons worth (equal parts of each spice) and rub all over lean protein, such as fish, chicken, tofu or bison. This spice rub will add lots of flavor and set your metabolism on fire. Enjoy for 10 days.


Step 4: Snack Skinny

Snack yourself skinny with Kim Lyons’ Cauliflower Popcorn. This tasty nosh is actually roasted cauliflower fashioned into “popcorn” bites. Cauliflower supports your liver’s cleansing abilities to help you lose weight faster. This snack also contains hemp seeds, which have protein. Eat twice a day to satisfy midmorning and late afternoon cravings. 

Cauliflower Popcorn


  • 2 heads of cauliflower
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tbsp hemp seeds
  • Pepper to taste 


  • Cut up cauliflower into popcorn-size florets. Mix with some pepper, olive oil and hemp seeds. Bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes at 420 °F.

Step 5: Weight Loss

See the results.

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  1. Carmen Buettner

    Do you eat the ingredients or do you just leave them in the water for flavor?

    • kelslifestrength

      You could eat them if you wanted, but I think they are just in there for flavor.

      • Carmen Buettner

        Thank you

  2. What if I use cut peppermint leaves, how much equals 2 leaves ?

    • kelslifestrength

      I am not sure exactly, just gradually put it in until you reach a taste you like.

  3. By understanding that our bodies are made up of bone, muscle mass, fat layers and skin, we is going to be better-designed to produce works of art out of the entire body. The greatest method to begin off the physical exercise plan is by producing particular that the mindset is right. A mindset that is complete of optimism and passion for weightlifting and also the nutrition that is feeding the entire body is a great start toward a six pack.

  4. jc

    Tangerines are not available right now what can I substitute with? The longer it sits the better it tastes I sometimes do not have the luxury to make it and allow it to sit before each meal. Can I make it a day in advance and can you eat the fruit? During the cleanse can I eat lentils, oatmeal cheese sticks, shrimp, all kinds of veggies, grapes other fruit?

    • kelslifestrength

      Do you have access to oranges? Either make a big pitcher full that will last a full day either the night before or early in the morning. Yes you can still eat those things, just try to get the majority of your carbs from fruits and vegetables rather than oatmeal and brown foods.

  5. If you want to get tight abs and flatten your abdomen you need to use these flat abs workouts for great effect. Just doing simple sit-ups is not always the best way to go. If you’re just performing ordinary sit-ups all the time, probabilities to obtain injured inside your back again and neck are large. You need to use these simple twists instead

  6. Rubi C

    So Oranges can be substituted instead of Tangerines right?
    Do we use entire oranges or slices? cause it calls for a tangerine but they are small…???

    I weight train in the morning…can i use protein powder + 1 cup skim milk for a meal….I didnt see it in the ingredients llists from Kim Lyons..are they allowed or not at all…Thanks so much!

  7. Haha, fixed! I dump about 2T of curry powder into the mix.Nice one, Sandy – I leave the skin on my chckien so that the first fry crisps it up enough and adds heaps of flavour, so that the longer simmer cooks the meat tenderly without causing the skin to flop. I use curry powder from Fiji since it is made of organic ingredients from a small-time grower, whereas most commercial powders and pastes are meshes of ingredients imported from all over the world, and I don’t like to support that practice. In the US you probably have more options.I’m fasting today too, but that’s to rekindle fat burning and carnivorous digestion – even the small amount of veggie carbs yesterday had me craving nuts!

  8. sherin

    Can i use clementine instead of tangerine?

    • kelslifestrength

      Yes Sherin that would be fine!

  9. Melissa

    Do you make one batch and keep refilling the same fruit mixture with water or do you make a new pitcher of fruit everyday for 10 days?

    • kelslifestrength

      You make a new pitcher every day. That one pitcher should last you all day so that you only have to make it once.

  10. Excuse me about the Flush Fat , after I put everything in the water , how many time I should wait until drink it ?

  11. zanny

    just wanted to know if I’m supposed to add the slice of grapefruit and the tangerine along with the peels or peel off ?

    • kelslifestrength

      The specific recipe calls for no peels however, either way would be fine.

  12. Linda

    I cannot eat grapefruits…and thing else I can use for the water?

    • kelslifestrength

      The only other alternative that would be as effective as regular grapefruit would be 4 oz. of unsweetened grapefruit juice.

  13. Neenah

    What would be a healthy breakfast choice? Are fruit or fruit smoothies ok??

  14. Kim

    I cannot find peppermint leaves. Could I sub spearmint leaves or use peppermint extract? Thanks!

  15. Reblogged this on Fancy Oatmeal and commented:
    I may not have been the best girl, healthy eating wise, over the holidays, but I definitely plan on rectifying this as part of my 2013 Resolutions. With the help of some of these helpful hints from Kim Lyons (whom I only know of from one segment of a Biggest Loser workout DVD) and Dr. Oz, I believe I’ll be able to kickstart a healthier diet in the new year!

  16. Excellent post! We will be linking to this great post on our site.

    Keep up the great writing.

  17. I agree completely with everything you have said

  18. Joanna

    I tried the fat flush water for 10 days and I loved it. I know you are only supposed to do it for 10 days. How often can you restart the process? I would eventually like to do another 10 days or perhaps add this into my everyday routine. Please advise.

  19. LShultz

    Has anyone experienced extreme diarrhea after drinking the fat flush water? Just need to know so I can determine if flu or water! Tastes great and I love it, just hope that isn’t the issue! Thanks!

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