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Visit Our MS Community

Our Multiple Sclerosis Community discusses what is multiple sclerosis, the most popular MS symptons, and articles that would be found on national MS society's websites.

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STRENGTHTAPE Instructional Video

Our STRENGTHTAPE is the longest-lasting kinesiology tape for athletic trainers, physical therapists, and those in sports medicine. Instructional videos show how to tape an ankle.

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Visit our Epilepsy Community

Our Epilepsy Community discussed the most current issues dealing with the ketogenic diet, medical marijuana, types of seizures, convulsions, epilepsy symptoms, and tonic seizures.

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What is ENDEVR?

ENDEVR takes average products like Medical ID Bracelets, Kinesiology Athletic Tape,
and Ion Bracelets to the next level.

Your friends here at ENDEVR recognize that you have your own unique set of skills, talents and aspirations. Our endeavor is to help you become the best You that you can become. Our MyID bracelet has features that are a decade ahead of its time which help medical professionals get you the proper treatment you need in an emergency. Our STRENGTHTAPE® kinesiology tape sticks for up to a week through rain, sweat and mud. That's about 5 days longer than most competitors. And our PURESTRENGTH negative ion bracelets have long produced the highest level of ions on the market.

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