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ENDEVR: Journey on

Your friends here at ENDEVR™ recognize that you have your own unique set of skills, talents and aspirations. Our endeavor is to help you become the best You that you can become. We do that by taking average products like medical ID bracelets, kinesiology athletic tape, and ion bracelets to the next level. Our MyID™ bracelet has features that are a decade ahead of its time which help medical professionals get you the proper treatment you need in an emergency. Our STRENGTHTAPE® kinesio tape sticks for up to a week through rain, sweat and mud—that's about 5 days longer than most competitors. And our PURESTRENGTH™ negative ion bracelets have long produced the highest level of ions on the market.

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PURESTRENGTH™ Negative Ion Bracelets

Here you will find everything you need to know about the construction and performance of these negative ion bracelets that are helping people everywhere. ENDEVR™ is in business to stoke the fires of determined effort amidst challenge by innovating products that promote the unconquerable spirit within us all. Our goal is to help you feel healthier, have the energy you need to compete at the highest levels, and reduce stress to live a great life.